The “SS” is a 9’4” with volume.  It is not thinned out so the board will have the glide and paddling power of a longer board without all the length.  It features a subtle nose concave and vee behind the fin for quicker and harder turning. Additionally the fin is more high aspect to respond quickly and facilitate big direction changes.  It has a similar outline to the Trailblazer, but slightly narrower overall. The rails are up and round and a bit fuller than the Trailblazer model. This board would be perfect for bigger riders or a person who wanted a shorter longboard with glide that is a bit more performance oriented. The SS has a snub nose for penetrating into waves and a concave in the tail on the deck.  This concave feeds water off the deck quickly further helping the board come around in cutbacks and turns.

The SS has a progressive, continuous rocker with plenty of tail kick for noseriding, and just enough curve in the nose to maintain a fast entry and paddling while keeping the nose from hanging up in cutbacks and steeper drops.

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