The Trailblazer is the ultimate big board for a noseriding stylist. It is 910, 23.5 wide and features a step deck and step tail. This board has a 1.5 red high density foam stringer bordered by 1/4 cedar and 1/8 cedar outriggers at 7 offset. It has a cedar and red foam tail block. The outline is modified from the Hansen 50/50 with a 7 square tail and 19 nose.  The rails of this board are up but round--not pinched. This gives the board the smooth riding feeling of the classics with the perfect hold on the tip for insane noseriding. The fin is deep at 10.5 but swept back and has a ton of flex for producing drive while maintaining holding power. There is a subtle concave through the nose and the bottom rolls into the rails.  This board has black resin foam stained rails bordered by red and black pinlines top and bottom.

Here you can see the step deck and tail and below you can see the fin and heaps of tail lift for noseriding and our thin but round rails and trailblazer fin design with wood inlay

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